In this workshop Dave Chin will help you to identify which type of leader you are and show you how to apply your specific characteristics within your organization. 

Clarity Break - Constructive Confrontation

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Clarity Break - Vision Traction Organizer

Join Dave Chin for this important clarity break to discuss the principles in Ian Leslie’s book, Conflict: How Productive Disagreement Lead to Better Outcomes.  Ian draws on lessons learned from experts who are highly skilled at getting the most out of highly charged encounters: interrogators, cops, divorce mediators, therapists, diplomats and psychologists. These professionals know how to get something valuable - information, insight, ideas - from the toughest, most antagonistic conversations. They are brilliant communicators: masters at shaping the conversation beneath the conversation. They know how to turn the heat of conflict into the light of creativity, connection, and insight.

LEMON is an acronym, which represents the five different approaches to leading: Luminary, Entrepreneur, Manager, Organizer, and Networker. Which one are you? 

Understanding these leadership types uncovers important keys to dealing with yourself and others in situations calling for different types of leaders. Much has been written on leadership, but LEMON Leadership expands our view of leadership to five distinct styles.
Thursday, Oct 14, 2021


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Clarity Breaks

The workshop is free with your registration.

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Summary of The Referral Engine by John Jantsch | Free Audiobook​

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The workshop is free with your registration.
Thursday, July 22, 2021 - note: events have moved to Thursday


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Be our guest for this empowering break from your everyday. Step back, get clarity.

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Clarity Breaks are a chance to step away from the day to day running of your business and get focused on improving some aspect of your business.   

LEMON: a Radically Fresh Take on Leadership
An interesting 16:39 min listen
LEMON Leadership: Radically Fresh Leadership by author Brett Johnson is a fresh way to understand leadership styles. 

Productive disagreement is a way of thinking, perhaps the best one we have. It makes us smarter, more creative and it can even bring us closer together. It’s critical to the success of any shared enterprise, such as business where teams need to work together to achieve successful outcomes. Dysfunctional teams can become functional by learning constructive conflict.

These workshops are exactly that - clarity breaks. Time to spend 90 minutes focused ON your business rather than IN your business. Won't be going it alone. Dave Chin will be your guide and you will have the advantage of other business owners sharing their ideas and ah hah's.   

Thursday, Sept 16, 2021 - note: events have moved to Thursday


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In this workshop, we’ll explore what happens to us when we argue, why disagreement makes us stressed, and why we get angry. Then discuss a series of clear principles we can all use to make our most difficult dialogues more productive - and our teams more successful. 

  • A set of tools to help your teams have more effective and productive discussions 
  • Ideas on how to implement from our group conversation
​​Be our guest for this empowering break from your everyday. Step back, get clarity.

Clarity Break - Lemon Leadership

How To Get The Most Out Of The EOS® Clarity Break™ Whittle & Partners , 4:26 min.

Ian Leslie at Tuning In: Back to Business, 14:26 min

We live in a society more prone to disagreement than ever before and we’re not remotely prepared for it.

For most people, conflict triggers a fight or flight response. Disagreeing productively is a hard skill for which neither evolution nor society has equipped us. It’s a skill we urgently need to acquire in life and in our businesses.

Clarity Break - Build Your Business With Rocks

Thursday, Nov 11, 2021


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