Check back again. More tools to come. 

Every business owner needs a few good tools to run a successful business. At BusinessCOACH of Oregon we have many tools in our briefcase to help our clients get focused, get a plan, stay inspired, read results and continually adapt to achieve their business goals. 

Recommended Reading

There are a slew of business books on the market, yet it can be difficult to find one most pertinent to your specific need. Dave loves business books. He reads a lot of them. He believes so strongly in the power of learning from today's business leaders that every one of his coaching client's gets a reading assignment, at every session. Check out his entire recommended reading list here.

Other Great Resources

Core Tools

Here are some of the core tools we use. Now you can use them too for free. All we ask is that you maintain the integrity of the document. If you have questions about how to put any of these tools to your best advantage, do connect with us. Wishing you success on your great adventure.

Gazelles Growth Tools - Scaling Up, Verne Harnish’s latest book, is an exciting update on his ground-breaking book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits. It’s required reading for all my clients. Vern’s company, Gazelles offers many free business resources including our favorite – GROWTHTOOLS tm – One-Page Tools for Scaling-Up The Business. This is a brilliant downloadable & editable PDF document you can use to create your own Scaling-Up business plan. 
Break-even Calculator – How much revenue do you need to generate to cover your fixed and variable costs of doing business? It’s an important question to answer when you are in a start-up or expansion phase. Palo Alto Software offers an easy-to-use online break-even calculator, plus another eight handy calculators for making better business decisions. 

SCORE- Score is a great resource for those looking for free advice. They also offer a useful template for creating your first marketing budget. The Annual Marketing Budget Template is a downloadable excel file.


The One Page Plan – get your long term and short-term vision, metrics, and priorities on a single page. This simple, yet powerful tool aids focus, communication and alignment of your whole team. From the Verne Harnish’s book, Scaling Up, the One Page Plan is required for all our clients. 


Core Values – need some help identifying your own core values? Here is a handy list from Brian Tracy to get you inspired. Use as a companion to the One Page Plan. 


Balance Wheel– how balanced is your life? Business owners are notorious for living out of whack. The desire to grow a company, to accomplish it all, can create problems in other areas of one’s life. Of course, you know this already but you might be surprised by just how wobbly your wheel has become.

Price Calculators– Price setting is a pervasive problem for business. Are you tempted to discount your prices just to make a sale? Do your need to raise prices but are afraid of losing business? Use this price calculator to see the real cost/benefit of discounting vs. price increasing. 

Personal Management – how effectively do you use your time? If you’ve worked hard all day and have nothing to show for it, try this tool. Track your activates in 15 minute increments. Keep track of everything you do for a few days then review the results. Identify all tasks that are time wasters or not a good use of your time. What don’t you need to be doing or who else could do it for you? You might be surprised by how much time you can free up.